MyNextRun Raises €500K To Help Runners Find Events

All of a sudden everyone shifted to Sports with about every other brand designing and releasing some form with wearables jam-packed into every sneaker shoe, pant, sports bra or anywhere else that you think of and all of them promise to boost your athletic performance in some way,shape or form and if not today then over the long run. What happened to the millenials “Right Here, Right Now” motto ? The only new sports invention I am interested in is that tech powered tennis racket… NOW that is results that you can see right away and any product that delivers what it promises RIGHT NOW deserves a little more action from the press than it is currently getting. This racket is going to change TENNIS forever because starting next year all the tennis players on the tour will be allowed to use this game optimizing tennis racket machine to see which racket will win ( well, i guess you can also say physical stamina will still have a small role in deciding which player will oust the other)…
Now come to think of it I wonder if there is an application similar to Sportscenter already released in the US , please leave the the names of any innovative start-ups or inventions / projects happening in the sports world. 🙂


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