500K Women Gave Up Their Boob Data To Build This Bra

More than ever before, women have been more supportive of one another in the business world and this bra project proves it because 500k Women gave up their cleavage data so that this bra can be built…


True&Co, the e-commerce startup that aims to bring us the perfect fitting bra, took data from a million boobs to build its own line of intimates — in an effort to truly support your bust.

The company, which formally launched back in 2012 and received an extra chunk of funding just this last year, upped the ante this week with the promise to personalize the perfect fit with the introduction of its Uniform line of comfortable intimates.

screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-4-31-29-pmUsing 7 million different data points and gathering information from 500,000+ women for the last two years, the company has identified over 6,000 different types of boobs. Its data scientists then arranged all those different shapes, sizes and angles on a color-coded system they call True Spectrum.

Think of it like a color wheel you’d find in a paint store, but for all the various boob types.

This solves a major problem for many women with more unique bust sizes. Women with smaller rib…

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