The Future Of Work In The Sharing Economy With Esther Dyson, Ron Conway and John Hennessy

Sharing is Caring, or is it ? The Sharing Economy way of life has changed the way we live our daily life and has taken the technology business world by storm creating applications that can quite possibly make us able to do anything from the touch of a button { and of course a valid credit card 😉 }… Check out this article from one of my favorite daily must-read tech sites techcrunch that gives us insight into what we should expect in the sharing economy world we seem to now be living in…


We share our cars, homes, even our genetics these days but what does this all mean for workers and micro-entrepreneurs?

Bloomberg’s The Next Big Thing Conference kicked off at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA this morning with Ron Conway, Esther Dyson and John Hennessy discussing just that — the impact that companies like Uber and Airbnb could have on the global economy.

Conway launched into Uber and Airbnb and pointed out the ability for these sorts of companies to globally bypass info tech giants like Google, emphasizing that they can actually get through to China. He also shared his opinion that Airbnb saved New York housing during the 2008 recession. “[Airbnb] helped people stay in their homes,” he said.

Conway and Dyson were sure companies like Uber were creating jobs, but what happens when we move to self-driving cars? This is where the debate got interesting. All three thought Uber…

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