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Proofing Fail in the Interior Design world via Veranda magazine


Pinterest Dominated by Women, High User Retention in 2014 [REPORT]

Here is an interesting case study that breaks down the details behind the social image sharing happening on Pinterest . In this report , the business analysts at the RJMetrics firm examined 50,000 random Pinterest users’ public profiles and reviewed their pins and even though it’s no secret the ladies love themselves some Pinterest , but you will not believe by how much the women are out-pinning the men on the social image sharing site that Forbes claims to be worth $3.8B.  You will be surprised to know that 80% of Pinterest users are female and only 20% are male. Moreover, female Pinterest users are more active than their male counterparts, with 92% of all pins made by women.  The 50,000 public Pinterest profiles that RJMetrics profiled really does not hold a candle to the reported 50 million unique monthly users that the fiercely popular site attracts to its platform.

Read on to learn more about which categories are the most-popular – Pinterest Dominated by Women, High User Retention in 2014 [REPORT] | DashBurst.



InMobi’s new native ad exchange takes on Google and Facebook, but is that a fight anyone can win?


What is the  “InMobi Native Ad Platform“?

According the  “InMobi ” website : ” InMobi Native Ads are designed to blend seamlessly with the design, layout, and look and feel of your app to create an engaging ad experience. With powerful customizations at your fingertips, you can now build ad layouts which match your app in every way.

Advanced Reporting – View logically organized and consolidated reports across user acquisition, analytics, and ad monetization with far more powerful slicing of metrics by multiple dimensions

Intelligent Property Onboarding – Start monetizing in three quick steps. Paste the URL of your app, integrate the SDK, and verify your property.

Smart Property Management – Manage all your apps and sites used for ad monetization or analytics and review key metrics in one place. The cockpit for configurations and tools is just one click away!

Enhanced Funds and Earnings Dashboards – Track your spending trends, projected earnings, and detailed transaction history in the Funds and Earnings dashboards. ”



<p><a href=”″>Introducing InMobi Native Ads</a> from <a href=””>InMobi</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> <p>Introducing InMobi Native Ads!<br /> <br /> For more info go to<br /> Follow us at</p&gt;

InMobi is an easy native marketing ad generating portal that lets you create a professional mobile ad in just 5 minutes!!

It’s so easy that it’s scary  to think of how many ads we will be forced to see now since this useful tool is out for anyone and everyone to create their own mobile-optimized advertisement — I am shocked at the simplicity of this app – I think it’s easier than writing a Tweet…

Upon arrival to the site you will choose from 2 layout options :


Option 1: Native Interstitials are full page ads customized with elements from your app to deliver a unique in-app ad experience. Choose from our rich gallery of frames and animations or build your own unique design.

Option 2: Native Content Ads are in-stream ads designed to blend into your app layout along with the content. Choose from a wide variety of ad layouts and customize them to create a beautiful and unobtrusive ad experience.

Step: 2

  1. Select the device and orientation for which you want to design a native interstitial ad unit.
  2. Upload a frame or choose one from our creative gallery and resize the sample ad real estate to fit within your frame. You can also add entrance animations and custom close buttons to match your app design.
  3. Preview your native interstitial unit, save it, and you are ready to monetize! Show me how

Step 3:

Don’t Laugh at my design!! I made especially colorful so you can see what I was in charge of designing within the Inmobi creator – you can choose from a variety of offered frames and the exit markers that is offered for free to you from the generous InMobi people ….

Inmobi deserves an A+ ! The app is great!! Winner!!

And Inmobi gets major credit for showing guts to take on the biggest players in the GAME in the online world, the reigning champions of the web, Google & Facebook,  have been unstoppable since I uttered “hashtag” during my everyday daily routine.

It would be kind of nice to see a new game-changer come into the picture that stirs it up for a change because Google and Facebook have gotten a bit old and stale… Don’t you think? …

And if I have to see one of Matt Cutts videos one more time I might be tempted to go technology free for LIFE…..

Whoever the new player in the online Google/Facebook controlled world will be , can you please just promise me one thing; PLEASE get a cuter mascot than Matt Cutts, I will be eternally thankful to whomever finds a replacement for that troll bearer of bad news.

Check out the app and let me know your thoughts… Stay Sane .. Peace…Karina

So You Wanna Make An Optimized YouTube Video that Will Make You FAMOUS??? Well Here is What You Need To Do To Accomplish That Goal

So You Wanna Make An Optimized YouTube Video that Will Make You FAMOUS??? Well Here is What You Need To Do To Accomplish That Goal

Here is an insightful Youtube SEO Google Rank Cheat Sheet / Infographic Guide that you simply cannot overlook the next time you are making your next video…Enjoy! Viva La Vlogging 😉

(Infographic courtesy of Tag SEO Blog )